Sprout and Microgreen Gift Pack

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Give the gift of a new hobby! This kit has everything needed to get started growing sprouts and microgreens.

What's included:

  • A pack of five hemp mats for microgreens.
  • A sprouting container (can be used to grow sprouts or microgreens).
  • Pink Kale seeds - these grow into an adorable microgreen with a pink stem and heart-shaped leaves. 
  • Adzuki beans - a delicious and nutritious bean that takes just a few days to sprout.
  • Corn kernels - it's okay to get a bit corny, and these kernels will grow into super sweet and tasty microgreens.
  • Instructions to get your loved one started on their growing adventure!

Want to keep their seed collection going throughout the year? This kit pairs perfectly with the Sproutie Seed Subscription.

Please note that due to restrictions we do not send seeds to WA or TAS.