How to grow basil microgreens

Basil - is it the best herb? Quite possibly. It also makes a lovely microgreen. Use it to brighten up any dish where you would use regular basil. 

Did you know? Basil seeds are mucilaginous, which means they extra retain water. It looks a bit like jelly. You can buy or make basil seed drinks that have a jelly kinda vibe to them. You can also see this in other seeds such as chia or flax seeds, which are used as an egg replacement in cooking. Being mucilaginous, basil seeds don't need much extra water during germination. Handy!

How to grow:

1. Sprinkle seeds on a moist hemp mat or tray filled with soil. Leave uncovered in a well-lit spot (not in direct sunlight).

2. Spray with water occasionally if they look dry.

4. Harvest as you eat them when and the stems are at least 2cm tall, on days 14-21.

Recipe ideas

We love to use basil microgreens anywhere we would use fresh basil. Garnish your pizza and pasta, and pop them in a pesto or salad dressing. Here are some of our favourite recipes work perfectly with these microgreens:

Buttery Lemon and Garlic Pasta By Liz Miu

Zesty, tangy, creamy pasta which is perfected by a sprinkle of basil micros.

Cauliflower Meatballs by Pasta Based

Pop your baby basil inside and/or on top of these meatballs.

Tomato and Basil Soup by The Simple Veganista

Reinforce the basil flavour in this soup by topping it with fresh basil microgreens.