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"Great product! Fantastic informative instructions on how to grow the sprouts and such a fun & healthy project to share with the kids. Love my sprouts looking forward to buying and growing some more....oh and they are delicious!"

Amaya, VIC

"By far the best thing about Sproutie is how it transformed my relationship with cooking. I had fallen into a cooking rut, recycling the same four meals ad infinitum. Having something growing in my kitchen made me fall in love with cooking again."

Ness, NSW

"The process was surprisingly simple - with some tasty results. Every part of the experience was pleasing, from the recycled packaging of my parcel and biodegradable instructions, to the anticipation of the first small shoots. You can tell a lot of care has been put into this and I loved the personal touch of my hand-written note."

Karolina, VIC

"I was so impressed with my purchase from Sproutie. Delivery was fast, the packaging is beautiful. All of my seeds were packaged with clear planting instructions. I’m going to purchase more when the weather is warmer. Highly recommended."

Angie, QLD

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