How to grow broccoli sprouts and microgreens

Broccoli seeds can be grown as a sprout (in a sprouting bag, container or jar) or as a microgreen (on soil or a hemp mat or microgreens tray). Sprouts take less time, so they are a great option if you want to munch on your little plants as soon as possible. Microgreens take a bit longer, but they look more delicate and are picture-perfect as a garnish. Note, broccoli sprouts have a distinct broccoli smell and taste.

Broccoli sprouts

To sprout, soak the seeds for 4-8 hours in cold water in a sprouting bag, container or jar. After soaking, rinse and drain the seeds. Continue rinsing and draining 2-3 times per day. Broccoli sprouts grow in temperatures between 16-25°C (they can be stored in the fridge on hot days). They will be ready in 3-6 days. Once grown, dry and store in the fridge in a breathable container. Munch soon after sprouting. 

Broccoli microgreens

To grow as a microgreen, sprinkle seeds on moist soil or a hemp mat. Cover to keep light out and water in. Keep moist. Once the leaves have started to show, uncover and place in a well-lit spot. Harvest on days 5-14.

The seeds can also be grown as sprouts, by soaking for 4-8 hours, then rinsing and draining 2-3 times per day for 3-6 days. Store sprouts in the fridge on hot days. Dry and keep in a sealed container in the fridge after sprouting.

Recipe ideas

Broccoli sprouts are at home in in salads and sandwiches. The microgreens are a perfect garnish for any savoury dish.

Nourish Bowl by Louise Kerr

Broccoli sprouts or microgreens can be used for this versatile bowl.

Curry Tofu Scramble by Liz Miu

This delish tofu scramble with broccoli works perfectly with a garnish of brocc microgreens. 

Baked Broccoli Koftas by Tanya from Heavenly Morsel

You can pop broccoli sprouts into the kofta mix, or pop microgreens on top for a pop of green.