How to grow corn microgreens

Corn grows into a sweet and delicious microgreen.

How to grow:

To grow, soak the kernels for 8 hours in cold water. After soaking, sprinkle the kernels onto a tray filled with moist soil, or onto a moist hemp mat. Place the tray in a warm spot and keep it covered, moist and in the dark. Corn needs to be kept in the dark to keep the shoots sweet and yellow. Harvest on day 7 before they develop fibrous leaves.

Recipe ideas:

Corn microgreens are at home in sweet and savoury dishes. They can be used as a garnish to emphasise a corn-y flavour, or in salads to add sweetness.

Orange and Vanilla Panna Cotta by The Lentil Diaries

Trust me on this one... Corn and coconut is an underrated combo for desserts, and Tracey's coconut cream based panna cotta is a great way to try it out. Just pop some corn microgreens on top for a cute garnish. P.S. I found this recipe through the Australian Vegan Foodies group, which I highly recommend.

Sweet Corn Coleslaw by Veet

This coleslaw is already a level (or two) up from your standard BBQ fare. Emphasise the flavour even further by tossing your corn micros through it.

Jackfruit and Corn Soup by Zacchary Bird

Even if you don't make this delicious soup and top it with your own homegrown corn microgreens, you should check out Zac's amazing cook book and hilarious social media.