Little Bee Friends Gift Pack

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In hot dry weather, pollinators need access to water and flowers. This gift pack offers both!
Three Bee Baths provide a temporary source of water each time you water your pot plants. These handmade ceramic pieces turn your garden into an art space, with each bath being completely unique.
A packet of bee-friendly seeds to grow a mix of flowers, attracting pollinators to your garden or nature strip.
  • Bee Baths are handmade in the Adelaide Hills.
  • Add colour and interest to your garden or balcony.
  • Thoughtfully packaged in a gift box. Additional wrapping is also available.
  • Perfect for art lovers, plant enthusiasts, enviro-friends, kids and adults!
Colour options
Each gift box contains one packet of seeds and three Bee Baths with unique colours. Choose your favourite colour palette:
Cool tones: think green, blue, purple and grey.
Warm tones: a mix of red, yellow, orange and/or pink.
Mix of tones: for rainbow lovers, a complimentary mix of colours.
Please note, our Bee Baths are lovingly made by hand. The colours, sizes and shapes will vary. Each piece is unique. 
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