How to grow dill microgreens

Dill is a highly aromatic herb. It makes a beautiful microgreen which will brighten the flavour and appearance of your meals. Dill takes a little longer to grow than most microgreens, but it will be worth the wait.

How to grow:

1. Sprinkle seeds on a moist hemp mat or tray filled with soil.

2. Leave uncovered.

3. Once the seeds have germinated, keep the tray in a well-lit spot.

4. Water occasionally.

4. Harvest as you eat them when and the stems are at least 2cm tall, on days 14-21.

Recipe ideas

We love to use dill microgreens to add or reinforce dill, fennel or anise flavours. You can also pop them in a pesto or dressing. Here are some of our favourite recipes work perfectly with these microgreens:

Pierogi with Mushroom Filling by Bianca Zapatka

Pierogi are delicious Polish dumplings, and dill microgreens are a great garnish for them.

Simple Potato Salad by Minimalist Baker

You can substitute the dried dill for fresh microgreens, or keep the recipe as is and pop them on top.

Roasted & Raw Carrot Salad by Cookie and Kate

Carrot, avocado and dill - a great combination. Use microgreens instead of or as well as the herbs in this recipe.