How to grow mung bean sprouts

Mung beans can be sprouted in just a few days. They are high in fibre, protein and Vitamin C.

To sprout, rinse the beans and then soak in warm water for 6-8 hours. Drain and place in a sprouting jar, container or bag. Rinse 3-4 times per day, and keep in a dark spot whilst sprouting. They will start to taste bitter if exposed to light. They will be ready within 2-5 days. Once grown, dry the sprouts and pop them in a sealed container in the fridge. 

Soak: 6-8 hours

Rinse: 3-4 times a day

Grows in: 2-5 days

Don't forget to sprout safely and in a sanitary way. Check out our article about sprouting safely for more information.

Recipe ideas

Mung beans are crunchy and fresh. They hold up well with a light stir fry or popped in at the end of cooking a soup. Here are some of our favourite recipes containing bean sprouts:

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Lisa has fantastic recipes and this one is no exception. 

Pad Thai by May Kaidee

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Mala Gochujang Noodles by Chez Jorge

Spicy, cool and refreshing. Need we say more?