Seeded note paper

All orders* have the option of including a handwritten gift note on seeded paper. We often pop a small version of these in as a thank you note as well. The seeded paper is handmade in Melbourne from recycled office paper, along with printer and papermill offcuts. The seeds used in the paper are grown on Australian farms. 

       Seeded notepaper gift note in a brown paper recycled envelope

How to grow:

  1. Soak the card in water until it is soft.
  2. Place the card on seed raising mix (in a pot or the ground).
  3. Lightly cover with more potting mix.
  4. Gently water.
  5. Keep moist while the seeds are germinating and growing.
  6. Transplant the herbs or leave them growing as they are.

       Herbs growing in a pot, basil and thyme with a watering can sitting next to them. Rustic gardening vibe.

* Seeded paper cannot be sent to Tasmania or Western Australia. For gifts going to these states, we will substitute the seeded paper with rustic recycled brown paper.