Unique gifts for gardeners this Mother's Day

Five small businesses with unique gift options for your garden loving Mum or mother-figure. These businesses are all run by women and focus on sustainability.  

1. Shokunin Store garden tools:

Japanese artisanal garden tools? Say no more. Shokunin is run by a husband and wife team who really know their stuff. Check out their floral scissors, or the walnut handle secateurs. Only a few of these secateurs are produced each day by master craftsmen. Mother's Day offer: mention Sproutie and get $10 off any order over $200. 

Cherry Blossom Scissors, gardening gift for Mother's Day. Scissors with pink handles with cherry blossoms in the background.

2. Heat Wear You Need It hot and cold packs: 

As all gardeners know, sometimes the best thing after a hard day's work is a hot or cold pack. Heat Wear you need it has you covered with wearable hot/cold packs that are made by hand my Angie. I met Angie from Heat Wear You Need It last year, and to say she is inspiring would be an understatement. Angie has been fighting a degenerative, progressive disease called CRPS for 26 years. She is a mum and businesswoman. Angie created Heat Wear You Need it out of a personal need for better pain management products. Buy one for mum and one for yourself this Mother's Day and Angie will give you free shipping on both. 

Heat Wear You Need it Mother's Day offer. Buy two and get free shipping.

3. Mighty Impression soaps:

One thing we know about gardening is that to do it right you have to get a little dirty. Enter: eco-friendly, artisan soaps that have an ethical mission behind them. Mighty Impression makes artisan soaps and skincare products to help build libraries and support causes around the world. Use the code "Purpose10" for 10% off this Mother's Day.

Use the code purpose10 for 10% the store Mighty Impressions Soap


4. Florapeutic floral artworks:

Sometimes you just can't go past flowers for Mother's Day. But every gardener is conscious of how much time and energy it takes to grow plants. Florapeutic honours this by handcrafting floral artworks from repurposed flowers. They reduce flower wastage and offer sustainable floral gifts. They also have some brand new beautiful designs for Mother's Day 2021. Florapeutic Mother's Day Floral design. A wooden frame contains a delicate design of pressed flowers.

5. Sproutie sprout and microgreen growing kits:

I couldn't write a list and not include my own business, could I?! Gift your mum a new hobby this Mother's Day. Growing sprouts and microgreens is fun, easy, and especially gratifying now we are going into winter. Check out our Mother's Day or Basil Microgreens Kit and start your mum on a new gardening adventure. Pair a kit with a seed subscription and you have a gift that keeps on giving.

Sproutie sprouting container and sprouts seed packet

You can also check out the Global Sisters Marketplace to find more small businesses to support this Mother's day.

Cover image by photographer Deanna Barnett-Anderson.